Approaching Fathers Day

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

As we approach Fathers Day we caught up with one of our male trainee counsellors to find out why he decided to train with Relate

One of the reasons I decided to train as a counsellor with Relate was to help men in particular with relationship and mental health issues. I was aware that suicide rates for men are very high (men are 3 times more likely than women to die from suicide according to the Samaritans). I believe in the power of talking as therapy and believe that enabling men to talk to a counsellor can greatly benefit their mental health.

During my first year of training I was the only male on the course (apart from the trainer) and it made me aware that I am in the minority as a male counsellor. However, I do not see gender as a barrier and believe that people from all gender identities can greatly benefit from speaking with a counsellor.

I believe that relationship counselling can benefit everyone in incredible ways; this is why I decided to train with Relate. The role of being a relationship counsellor is a challenging but highly rewarding one. It is one which I believe has the ability to empower individuals to make positive changes to their relationships which will benefit their lives overall.

Trainee Relationship Counsellor, Relate Mid-Surrey